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Welcome to InfoSol Technologies . Infosol Technologies was established by a clique of engineers who believed in changing the traditional way of providing information solutions .Infosol Technologies operates with a vision to cater to the needs of different types of businesses , with innovative approaches of 'PreLog' and 'PreProd' . Further information about these approaches is provided in 'Our Advantage'. Infosol Technologies Technologies has partnered with some IT giants , having decades of experience in the industry , to lend its customer experience the power of innovation and the reliability of experience.

At Infosol Technologies we value the 'Value' we provide to our customers for their investment . Infosol Technologies has an amazing track record of providing optimal solutions to several reputed clients around the world .We also provide extremely low cost solutions to NGOs and other social service organisations , by which we try to extend our hand of support to the social cause.

Our Advantage

At Infosol Technologies , the optimization of solutions is our goal . To achieve our goal we have developed innovative approaches to enable our customers judge better.

- 'PreLog' - 'PreLog' or Pre-Logic is our approach to minimize the troubles of our customers by providing them our set of implied business logic . This happens at a stage when the customers are not even sure of the needs of their businesses. At such a stage of quandary , We provide them the implied and best-suited business logic to cater to their needs .After subsequent discussions , the suggested 'Logic' gradually evolves to an agreed 'Approach' . The effectiveness of this suggested logic stems from our experience in handling clients of different genres.

- 'PreProd' - 'PreProd' or Pre-Produce is our approach to minimize the hassles in the technical development . We have bifurcated our technical team into the 'Baker team' and the 'Icing Team' . The usual basic set-up for a project is 'Pre-Produced' by the 'Baker Team' . And our 'Icing team' then tops up the 'Pre-Produced' set-up with customised solutions as per the needs of the client. The main advantage of using this methodology is that our core technical team emphasizes on creativity from the day one , without worrying about the hassles of usual environment set-up , which is set-up by our trainee engineers.

Besides these approaches , We follow the world acclaimed AGILE methodology in the development of all our projects , whereby the customer is directly involved in the process of development as the development proceeds in cycles with the customer input after every cycle completion.

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We Specialise in

  • Web Hosting - Linux and windows
  • Business Email Solution
  • Custom Software Development
  • ERP/CRM Services
  • MLM Software Development
  • Web Site Template Design
  • Web Site and S/W Annual Maintenance

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First batch of winter training starting from 15 Feb 2013.

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